Have You Seen Kellie Pickler’s New Haircut?

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1 Have You Seen Kellie Picklers New Haircut?

The new bob is Kellie Pickler New Haircut and like many other celebrities she could not resist trying out the hot haircut that Rihanna and Victoria Beckham made famous. Think the new hairstyle works well for the idol star. Her blonde mane is vibrant in color and style. I know hair stylist all around are having a ball this season, getting the chance to cut hair. Woman are in the trend of the haircut. For a long time growing hair long was the thing, but now women are not afraid to cut off. I think the short hairstyles are cute and edgy. If you want a diva look, get a haircut, it definitely makes a stylish statement.

4 Have You Seen Kellie Picklers New Haircut?

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