Is Naomi Campbell Going Bald Because of Her Weave?

naomi campbell Is Naomi Campbell Going Bald Because of Her Weave?

Naomi Campbell was seen vacationing in Ibiza earlier this week, and the shots show what appears to be the supermodel’s receding hairline. ABC News spoke to an expert, who said it seems the 42-year-old beauty is suffering from traction alopecia, which basically means she is losing her hair because of hair extensions.

“Extensions, weaves, anything artificial hanging on hair — no matter whether you attach it with glue, special magnets, tape — it’s going to cause damage over time,” Dr. Alan Bauman told “And unless you give your hair a break from those extensions, it won’t rebound.”

Basically, extensions start pulling your hair out at the roots because of the extra weight. To all the ladies who love their weaves, remember to give your hair time to breathe and grow because before you know it, you might be sporting bald sports worse than your great uncle Joe.

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