Is It Over For Daniel Craig As James Bond?

Although until a few days ago there was a little bit doubt about Daniel Craig’s appearance in the forthcoming movie of the famous Bond franchise, Bond 25, his future as Bond is now shady. During his Spectre tour, he continuously hinted to his desire to move on. Till Spectre, he starred in four Bond movies as Ian Fleming’s womanizer spy. The producers of the series, nevertheless, reiterated their belief that he will play the famous role for, at least, one more time; though there is no official confirmation yet.

The Bond franchise, as a whole, is going through a critical phase of its own as there is an apparent tension for the series’ distribution rights in Hollywood. Even if the iconic actor becomes all set for his fifth consecutive appearance, there is a strong chance that he may not be able to retain his part in one of the most successful spy series of all time. According to a source near to Daniel Craig, the actor has already decided to step down. However, the news could not be verified independently.

spectre2 Is It Over For Daniel Craig As James Bond?

Critics added that the latest development is a result of English actor Mark Strong’s inclusion as the new Bond villain. Mark has outshined some of the characters in the movies where he played minor roles. The main concern is presumed to be the franchise’s producers’ prediction that the present Bond would not be able to be a strong contender against the ‘new’ bad guy. You will be surprised to know that in real life Strong and Craig are close friends. If Craig eventually continues his role as 007, the audience is sure to experience an epic vis-à-vis between these two talented actors, for the first time. Some Craig fans suggest this will add a whole new dynamism to the whole franchise.

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However, critics pointed out that it would be better for both the series and Craig to follow their different path for their best. There comes a critical time in every franchise’s lifetime when hard decisions are to be made, which determine whether it is going to remain successful as before, they added. Add to this the mediocre success of ‘Spectre’ – which is not that remarkable, in comparison to other movies in the franchise.


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