Is Drake Jewish or Not?

Drake Graham11 Is Drake Jewish or Not?Many people have asked:  Is Drake Jewish?  Well to answer this question we need to look at his parents and their ethnicity and also whether he practised Judaism or not.  Aubrey Drake Graham was born in Toronto on the 24th of October 1986.  His father is Dennis Graham, an African American from Memphis and his mother is Sandi Graham, who is a Jewish Canadian.

It seems initially he was raised with Judaism playing a part in his life.  He attended a Jewish day school and celebrated a Bar Mitzvah.  When he was 5 years old however, his mother and father split up.  From then on he was raised by his mother Sandi in the wealthy Forest Hill neighbourhood in Toronto.  So he definitely was raised with a Jewish based upbringing.

Whether he is a practising Jewish person or not is beside the point.  He identifies himself as Jewish and he is classed as Jewish by Jewish law.  The fact his father is not Jewish is admissible as Judaism is connected to the maternal line.  So, is Drake Jewish?  Yes, because his mother is Jewish.

Drake Graham21 Is Drake Jewish or Not?

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