Is Drake Black?

Drake Graham6 Is Drake Black?When it comes to the current rap scene, there really is no one that has been able to rise to stardom like Drake. The Canadian actor turned rapper certainly turned a lot of heads when he burst onto the scene in 2006 when he started to release mixtapes that garnered millions of views on websites like YouTube. The rapper currently just released a new album titled “Take Care” and certainly has been able to gain a very big fan base but people are still wondering “is Drake black?” The truth is, most people in the “rap game” are black and so people are wondering whether or not Drake really is black and the answer is that yes, he is black. He is however also half white as he has a Jewish Canadian mother that married his father, a black man named Dennis Graham. Though many people will love his music and his talents, it seems like people are still wondering whether or not he is black.

Drake Graham3 Is Drake Black?Is Drake Black?

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