Italian fashion designer Alice Saltarelli is from Tuscany, a picturesque mountainous region. There she felt a cool breeze that started from Iceland and passed through Norway before finally sweeping through Italy; like a story from one of Jules Verne’s adventure books. The new «ÌS» is Alice’s brainchild. It is a marvelous collection of top eight elegant outfits, known for their glowing and eye soothing hues. The whole package was inspired by Jules Verne’s’ famous “Journey To The Center Of The Earth”.

If asked to describe this capsule collection in one word, Descent would be the keyword. The designer exhibited her new selection at Polimoda International Institute. It was captured on video camera, to which Anna Bread’s photographic narration was also included. A ‘descent’ touch was present in everything, starting from the zip fastener, lines to smooth cuts, to give the audience the unique experience of frozen landscapes of Scandinavian countries.

The collection however started with a wide experimentation of the traditional Norwegian style, bearing the symbol of ethnic clothing of that country. Take the example of the hat – a world-famous characteristic of the Faroe Islands. Alice paid special attention in stratifying knitwear, which is also using different materials with different textures; showing light on her preference for impalpable and light colors. The good thing about this Italian prodigy is, she is never shy of making her pieces heavily lined and high-tech. It proves the point why her designs are must to keep an eye on.

Alice intentionally leaned toward iridescent colors and soft palette when finalizing her choices. They are available in a long range of varieties, including almond green and mustardy hue. When it comes to zippers we barely see any variation. But she applied her pragmatism in that sector, too, making them decorative, rather than just sticking with the functional features. No wonder the Sartorial Stitching has been critically acclaimed.


ltvs alicesaltarelli 10 «ÌS»   AN EPIC JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE SCANDINAVIAN PENINSULA ltvs alicesaltarelli 09 «ÌS»   AN EPIC JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE SCANDINAVIAN PENINSULA ltvs-alicesaltarelli-08 ltvs-alicesaltarelli-07 ltvs-alicesaltarelli-06 «ÌS» «ÌS» «ÌS» «ÌS» «ÌS»



Photo Courtesy: Lancia TrendVisions


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