How to Tie a Pearl Necklace

 How to Tie a Pearl Necklace

pearl How to Tie a Pearl Necklace

The steps for How To Tie A Pearl Necklace are very simple to do. A rope pearl necklace is a must-have basic fashion necessity and it is imperative to know how to tie it in a knot. Even though there are many ways to wear a pearl necklace, the knot effect is very stylish and will enhance many outfits, whether dressy or casual. Its as simple as tying a rope in a knot.

Step 1: Drape the rope pearl necklace around your neck. Make sure it is long enough to tie.

Step 2: Pinch the necklace as if you are making a smaller size necklace closer to your neck.

Step 3: Wrap it around your finger and pull through the loop hole.

Step 4: Tough the knot down to tighten a little (not too much you want it kind of loose) and you have a tie-like rope pearl necklace. (see photos above for an example visual)

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