How to Maintain Your Beautiful Skin

Like all skin types, African American skin can be dry, oily and a mix between the two. There are lots of misconceptions on how darker skin is only oily, not true! This also goes for hair. Yes, African American hair is a lot more frail and dry, but that doesn’t mean it always has to be! Here are some simple tips that we can all afford and make time for.

Make sure to always drink LOTS of water. This has to be the oldest tip in the book, but it’s true. Also, a great moisturizer. This is key to your morning and night regime as throughout the winter and summer, our skin gets very dry. Beyonce has come out and admitted to using a regular drug store brand called Aquaphor. Who doesn’t want to get her flawless skin?
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Moroccan Oil is a beauty secret for a lot of us ladies, but who knew Kelly Rowland also uses this multi purpose product? That’s right, the Destiny’s Child star has come out and said that this oil is her must have. She uses it in her hair to keep her locks conditioned and also rubs it on her shoulders for that sexy shine.









On a non-product note, Chanel Iman uses one of the oldest tricks in the book, wrapping her hair before she goes to bed. This is a great way to keep all of the moisture in your hair while you sleep and give it time to soak in. Another great tip from the model (which I do!) is to sleep with a silk pillowcase. This will help prevent breakage!


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