Heidi Klum’s Best Halloween Costumes

Celebrities never fail to disappoint at Halloween and that includes Heidi Klum. Not only  is she a beautiful model, TV host and mother… she is also obsessed with halloween. The supermodel is known for throwing extravagant halloween parties every year which draws in all the A list stars like Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaway. Klum makes her grand entrance in unreal costumes and stuns the crowd every year.

Rocking a floor-length blonde wig and making her entrance via horseback, Heidi transformed into Lady Godiva.
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Being 8-months-pregnant, Klum hid her belly in a giant apple suit with a Garden of Eden–style snake slithering from the top.

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This is beyond anything Heidi has ever done before. As one of her most extravagant costumes yet, Heidi added a belt of creepy faces to become a Hindu goddess. Not only is she painted from head to toe, but she added extra hands to complete the amazing costume.















Heidi transformed herself into a black crow with amazing knee high boots on. Stylish!
















With red hair and purple skin, Klum is outfitted as an alien transformer hybrid for her 2010 party.















What would Heidi look like without skin? Well, maybe this. This costume is insane and amazing. The time this must have taken to achieve this costume is insane, as she actually got brought in on a stretcher. 

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