The Amazing Hairstyles of Shannyn Sossamon

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Look at these hot hairstyles of Shannyn Sossamon! Shannyn Sossamon styles her mane in a very edgy, razor-like style. Her dramatic changes in hairstyle are all part of her charm, and we can always expect something new and bold when Shannyn hits the public scene. Shannyn has the perfect face for short cuts, and wears the wavy, wild hair with elegance and freedom. Her beautiful and soft face balances the ruffly and rock star feel of her very flexible hairstyle. We like the way she can instantly change up the punk rocker look and then hit us with pure class, or shoot that long hair out while twirling her soft curls like schoolgirl. With a face as darling as Shannyn, any hairstyle will work.

Why We Love Shannyn Sossamon and Short Hair

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Check out the ‘do on Shannyn Sossamon. Hair like this is the envy of women, and even among the greenest of green-eyed celebrities. She can pull off any look and portray any character with those wavy strands.

Ashannyn Sossamon Takes a Sexy Smoke

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We first fell in love with her hair–er, her talent–in A Knight’s Tale, where she co-starred with Heath Ledger. She has since gone on to many great performances, including 40 Days and 40 Nights, Wristcutters: A Love Story, and the TV series Moonlight. She has also proven herself an adept musician and provided vocals and drums to Warpaint for a time. All that and an amazing head of hair make Shannyn of our favorite rising stars.

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