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The queen herself, Beyonce, has seen a lot of different hair styles in her day. From going dark, to blond and then to very short! She has done it all and stayed on trend throughout each haircut. With the worlds eyes on her at all times, it’s hard to not want to jump right on board and get the same haircut. Here is some of her best looks and a tip how to easily achieve them.

Beyonce is beautiful, and can rock a lot of hairstyles but I haven’t seen her more beautiful than her natural self.  When she leaves her hair down and with its natural wave, the singer looks right at home on the beach. Want this look? Wet your hair, braid in multiple pieces and sleep on it (or blow dry!) Once you take out your braids in the morning or once they are dry, grab a wide brush and brush out gently. Make sure to start the braid at the top of your head for B’s look!

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Glamourous curls
When B wants to go glam, she does it in style. Her blond hair with peak-a-boo of her dark color coming through, looks rock-n-roll and glam at the same time. She has worn this look on the red carpet and out at night with her hubby Jay Z. Want this look? Simply get a wide barrel curling iron and just curl the tips. If you find the curls are a tad too tight, wait for them to cool and brush out softly. This will give you that soft romantic look.
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Short and straight
This is one of B’s newest and sexiest looks. With such a stunning face, she doesn’t need all that hair covering her natural beauty. The singer stuck with one of her signature looks which is the dark roots and just went blond on the rest. Want this look? Whether you want to go as short as B or not, you can achieve the look buy making sure you get the edge cut. Which means your hair is longer at the front than it is at the back. And then… straighten, straighten, straighten!







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