Gerard Cordero – Rising Star from Astoria NY

Have you heard the name, Gerard Cordero ? If you haven’t, you will soon enough. This talented actor hailing from Astoria, New York is catching the attention of industry professionals and becoming the topic of conversation.

Gerard’s passion for acting came in his early teenage years, but his first actual taste of acting didn’t come until 1998 in where he played a Wiseguy in the TV mini series “Witness to The Mob”. This series featured big names like Vincent Pastore, Tom Sizemore among a long list of other well known talent.

After a few projects in the late 90’s, Gerard’s acting career was put on hold for almost two decades. During that time his passion for the arts grew exceptionally stronger and would only fuel his dedication to pave the way for what was yet to come.

Returning in 2012, Gerard showed people why he’s meant to be an actor, landing role after role putting his face and name back on the map.

In Sept 2013, Gerard was cast in a lead role playing a Hitman named ‘Nos’ in a short action film “Nostrae Realitate”. The film won Best Action Short at the Urban Action Showcase held in New York City at HBO Headquarters. For this film, Gerard took home an award for ‘Best Action Actor’ for his performance. He was commended by martial artists/actors Michael Jai White and Kelly Hu, along with a list of other well known celebrity judges.
Nostrae Realitate Trailer –

Again in Sept 2013, Gerard was cast as a series regular portraying Detective Jerry Rothman aka ‘Big Bird’ in the soon to be released TV Series “South Side”, expected to air in 2015. Created by Taheim Bryan, “South Side” Original Series is said to be a mixture of “The Wire” & “The Sopranos”.

South Side Trailer –

“SOUTH SIDE” The Series • COMING SOON from the ghettonerd co. on Vimeo.

Then in Nov. 2013, Gerard was cast as a series regular in another upcoming TV Series “Organized Crimes” playing a character named Frank Capone, a hard hitting mobster that is a force to be reckoned with. Created by Redfield Thomas “Organized Crimes” revolves around Philadelphia Crime Families. This series is in preproduction and is expected to air in 2015.

Into the new year of 2014, Gerard landed a supporting role playing Sammy Prato, an individual torn between two separate worlds, his choice could be his rise, or his downfall. This upcoming feature film is in preproduction and set to be released by the summer of 2015. Created by Joe Gawalis.”Memoirs from the Streets of NY” is a film that revolves around a big bank heist. “Anything can happen in a New York minute… and the clock is about to roll over”.

From the past to the present, there’s definitely one thing for sure, Gerard Cordero will stop at nothing to become everything that he’s always dreamed of becoming, a well respected actor.

Connect with Gerard and join him on his life long journey, visit his website at

Michael Antonio is a Native New Yorker that just likes to write about topics he finds interesting, a pretty simple guy.

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