Choose a Celebrity Do with Free Virtual Hairstyles

Try on free virtual hairstyles with a celebrity hair makeover tool! It’s free for you to test virtual hairstyles before making the trip to the salon. Wouldn’t you like to know what hairstyle suits your face shape best before having to take the plunge? While it is kind of fun to put your hairstylist on the spot, pressure is never a good consultant.


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The virtual hairstyle tool is easy to use.  Just load a photo of yourself, or use a celebrity photo that has a similar face shape and complexion to your own.  Become an expert on the cut, length and color that flatters your face best.

2014 Hairstyles for Women has a free celebrity makeover tool that will allow you to do just that. Try on a favorite Rihanna haircut or Beyonce’s big curly locks, or even a Jennifer Aniston sleek sedu flat ironed hairstyle. Whatever the hairdo you desire, you can upload your photo and see it on yourself in real time. Now at last, computers are doing some good for society!

jennifer aniston free virtual hairstyleBring out your personality.  How you wear your hair is a statement of how you live your life.  If you are carefree and happy go lucky, you might want a style that is casual and easy to maintain.  A few flicks with the brush and you’re ready to begin your care-free day.  If you have a serious nature, bring it out in a coif that shows your studious side, yet still highlights your most attractive features.

Professional women lead very busy lives.  They don’t have time to constantly race to the wash rooms to re-arrange their hair-do’s, but they must look well-groomed!  For unruly hair, a short cut is often best or one that looks intentionally a bit tousled.  Longer hair can be swept back and confined in a pony tail or on top of your head.  Don’t forget about the french braid, which is always elegant, no matter your hair length.  If it’s long enough to be pulled back, it’s long enough to braid.

Hair color can accent your best features as much as hair style.  The right color brings out your complexion and  that special sparkle to your eyes.  Be careful of colors that will make your skin tones look drab or detract from your beautiful smile.

Short bangs, long bangs, swept to the side bangs or no bangs at all.  The shape and height of your forehead can determine what looks best.  If you have a heart-shaped face, you might wish to accent it by parting your hair down the middle, with long bangs that sweep gently to both sides.  You can soften a square forehead with bangs.  A short forehead looks great with very short, wispy bangs, or no bangs at all.

For that special night out, you want to look your best, and there is no better assurance than trying out the virtual hair style tool to make sure your visit to the hairdresser doesn’t send you home in tears, wondering what you’re going to do next.  Enter that salon with full confidence that the hairstyle that looked so hot on the model is going to look just as great on your head.

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