For Vin Diesel, Ethnicity Has Ambiguity

vin diesel1 For Vin Diesel, Ethnicity Has AmbiguityFor Mark Sinclair Vincent, the famous American actor known as Vin Diesel, ethnicity is not so cut and dried. Vin Diesel’s own remarks about his heritage are that he is “definitely a person of color” and, in addition, “of ambiguous ethnicity – Italian and a lot of other stuff.” Though not specific on what this other “stuff” might be, his bi-racial, ethnic background does include Italian and African American ancestry.

For Vin Diesel, ethnicity and other personal information about his childhood aren’t something he discusses often in public settings. His ethnic background has ambiguity because he never has met his biological father, having been raised by his adoptive father and mother. He does have a fraternal twin brother, Paul, and for the two of them they will always lack some ancestral history regarding their family tree, given their father’s absence in their lives. Vin Diesel ethnicity might remain a mystery, but the actor certainly proclaims his African American and Italian ancestries proudly, in addition to all of the other “stuff.”

vin diesel2 For Vin Diesel, Ethnicity Has AmbiguityFor Vin Diesel, Ethnicity Has Ambiguity

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