Fallen Angels: Celebrities Who Stumbled or Tripped on Stage

What could be the most remarkable day in basketball star Stefanie Dolson’s life became an embarrassing chapter of her life she would love to erase away. The netter from University of Connecticut felt the heat as she tumbled during her White House appearance.

On that day, president Obama came in her rescue, helping her to get back on her feet without any delay. Stefanie can find more consolation in knowing that stars falling or tripping over stage is not that uncommon; indeed the list is quite lengthy. Some of them even experienced multiples falls. It is still unclear whether the moment of excitement or the out of the earth moves were responsible for those famous falls. Judge it for yourself.



It was a live performance in CA and the year was 2011. The diva was looking more than hot and it seemed everything was going her way until, she tripped and failed to keep balance and landed on her knees and hands. Oops!


Jenifer Lawrence

People of every age love Jenifer Lawrence for her subtle and entertaining appearance on and off screen. Her famous fall, as she was rushing to receive the award for best actress, could not add a stain to her image. She may have fallen, but the Oscar audience didn’t fall shy of paying a tribute to her with their standing ovation.


Kristen Stewart

The Twilight star was looking quite vibrant and confident while shooting for ‘Runaways’. But all of a sudden she tripped over and her ‘Runaways’ venture turned into a nightmare.


Christina Aguilera

Iconic pop diva Christina Aguilera has won the heart of thousands of fans around the globe. She is known for her big voice. At an event she was so high while delivering the last note that she lost it all and collapsed.


Lady GaGa

At a live performance in Houston, Texas, Gaga was well set one her way to give the final touch to her performance, but it all went wrong as she tried to overdo it….


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