2014 Fall Fashion Guide: Wear it with Style Today!

Fall fashion trends 2014 15 2014 Fall Fashion Guide: Wear it with Style Today!

It is that time of the year when the chill in the air starts to make its presence felt and the charm of fall starts to slowly wane. Even if you are a touch late with getting on the Fall/Winter fashion ride, worry not! There is still plenty of time to carry those chic prints and trendy seasonal hues in the weeks ahead. Today, we have a roundup of the hottest fall fashion trends and the ‘must haves’ for your closet as you get ready for the fall shopping frenzy. Time to make that style switch!

Jewel-Tones and Gray

Emerald Green is once again the hot color of the season 2014 Fall Fashion Guide: Wear it with Style Today!

Time to put those summer shades away firmly and wrap the magic of brilliant emerald at its vivacious best. This jewel-tone works beautifully well into the festive season. While emerald promises to turn heads, it is time to replace the boring black and white for work with cool shades of gray. Throw in some bright yellow, snazzy violets or awesome orange along with gray and you are good to go!

Inspired by Nature

Animal prints steal the show on ramp

It is not just eccentric furs that are in this fall and winter. Nature inspired motifs, bold patterns borrowed from wildlife and cute butterflies are back this fall. Maybe it is the magic of spring that we miss, which is being translated into a fashion trend. Maybe we are becoming sick of the big city lights and all the glitz. Take your pick on why they have made a grand comeback on the ramp. Whatever your reason though, it definitely is one of the most wearable trends this season.

Leopard prints

Time to bring out the leaopard prints

Timeless, mystical and feminine when done right; leopard prints never fail this time of the year. This fall, designers have given it a sleeker and more urbane silhouette and have revitalized this timeless icon. Leopard prints were never really out of style to make a comeback. But do not be surprise if you spot more spots in the next few months!

It’s the 60s Show!

Bringing back the 60s with flair

From Gucci to Louis Vuitton, one fall trend that is a constant across the spectrum is the urn towards those energetic prints, patterns and style of the 60s. If you always wanted to sport that cute ‘baby doll style’, then this fall and winter is the right time. Want to a mini skirt to the next weekend party? You are in luck as the 60s trend has just made it uber-cool.

Everyone loves Gold!

Gold steals the show this fall with its glint on the ramp - candice swanepoel


Candice Swanepoel steals the show in gold!

Metallic magic has engulfed the fashion world last few months and gold is expected to trump most other hues this season as well. Bright, brilliant and a perfect way to complement those black jeans, it is time to turn up the sizzle as you get ready to party. Get in on the gold rush before it is too late!

Ponchos and capes

Wrap yourself in style this winter and fall

Move over oversized coats, it is time for those capes and ponchos to once again make a style statement. The poncho complements a sophisticated look beautifully with its casual elegance and adds amazing pattern to your fall collection. If ponchos are not your thing, then just pick up a cape and wrap it around ever so casually for a relaxed, evening look.

Beat the Guys to it!

Tailored suits for fall 2014

It seems classically tailored suits have taken a feminine turn this season. But it is not with any major changes! The ramp was lit up with models walking in suits that seemed distinctly masculine and pulling off this look is both easy and fun. Time to dig into the wardrobe of your messy boyfriend to pick up some borrowed style.

Good ol’ Shearling

Sherling is a eternal favorite this time of the year

Vests, coats or trendy jackets; shearling is the thing to turn to without fail. If last winter was anything to g buy, you will need some cold-weather essentials that can really take a hit. Shearling gets this done and with plenty of panache. And it is not just limited to coats as bags, boots and accessories in shearling as in as well.

Make a Statement

Statement Bags fall 2014 Collection

Steal the show with the right handbag

A beautifully crafted statement bag is an investment that will serve you across seasons. Seriously, who really still has time for those tiny purses that can barely hold everything you need. They need not always have a message to convey. Sometimes the sheer color of the bag and the way you carry it are enough to get the point across; with finesse of course!

Casual and Cozy

Cool and casual sneakers for fall

Much like the tailored shoes, oxfords that are inspired by menswear or the casual sportswear inspired sneakers bring a dash of eccentric surprise to your wardrobe. Chic, casual and ultra-comfortable, mix them up with your usual heels and boots for a more fun footwear collection.

So get ready this fall to woo the world with your new avatar that incorporates these hot trends. Are you ready?

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