Essential Hair Care Tips

African American hair is a far world away from Caucasian hair and a lot of that has to do with dryness. Any type of hair is hard to maintain and takes a ton of effort and even money. Follow the below tips are you will guide your hair back to its luscious ways.

Don’t shampoo everyday
This goes for Caucasian hair as well, but all African American’s know that washing their hair everyday doesn’t help at all. Over-shampooing can lead to very dry hair, which of course means fly-away hair. You should only wash your hair with shampoo when it needs it. Try to refrain from washing your hair every day in winter as well.

Use a good conditioner
Going off the first point, African American hair tends to be dryer in which case you should be using a heavy conditioner. This will help bring some shine and softness into your hair. Make sure to only apply to the bottom half of your hair. Since you aren’t washing your hair everyday, you don’t want your hair getting too greasy.

Use a wide tooth comb
We are all guilty of this. Tugging at your hair will only cause broken ends and split ends. Make sure to take your time while combing out your locks to ensure they stay beautiful and full of life!

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