Easy Ways To Get Victoria’s Secret Hair

Every year audiences around the globe become hypnotized to experience the beauty of Victoria’s Secret models. Behind their beauty, the protagonists backstage have a brilliant effort. Just imagine those beautiful bombshell locks those models have got. It seems like they are not from this world. The models have specialist hair stylists to do their hair, but what about you? Would not it be great to have Victoria’s Secret model like hair? Here goes a complete guideline.


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Step 1: Build up on volume

To create a good amount of volume it is recommended putting a volumising product on towel-dried hair. Next, you need to tip your head upside down and use a good dryer to make sure every hair is done. Use an oval shaped bristle brush to comb the hair from deep. This is the first thing to get the Victoria’s Secret look, which will increase both bounce and volume.


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Step 2: Make sure it’s completely dry

Using a good dryer is necessary to dry out the hair wholly. When the hair is 90% dry use the cooling buttons and different heat settings to make sure it is ready to be worked on. This makes the hair look glamorous by creating a smooth finishing all the way through, without creating the impression that it is rigidly done.



Step 3: Getting the great wave

In this step, create downward spiral curls by taking sliced portions of hair. But make sure the slices are not very big or small. The focus must be on the mid sections, where having maximum hold is crucial. Keep using a flat iron until you get the perfect curls. The point to remember is, this process could be varying in size. Also, doing it too much can make your hair too curly which will kill the natural look.


Step 4: Cool the hair properly

Allot enough time for your hair to cool down. Once it is cooled for good, brush out all hairs robustly in portion – this will help to relax the curls and give that bouncy look. And then us an oval dressing brush to back brush and get added volume and lift. The more you do it, the bigger it gets! Wonderful, isn’t it?


Important tip: If there is any visible teasing, feel free to brush it out until it is smooth. Following the steps appropriately will ensure getting brilliant Victoria’s Secret hair with lots of bounce and volume, and an eye soothing texture.


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