Daily Fashion “Glam” Tip: How to Find the Right Lipstick

lipstick Daily Fashion Glam Tip: How to Find the Right Lipstick

Tips on How to Find the Right Lipstick are simple and straight forward, but if you do not use these tips while finding the right lipstick, you probably will choose one just because the color looks good in the tube. The biggest mistake we make when choosing lip color. Hence “lip” color, that is what lipstick is: a hue to enhance your lip color.

So knowing that, the first thing is to recognized what tones are in your lips and face. The shade of skin plays an important part in choosing the right lipstick.

Two usually if the lipstick is darker than your skin tone than it will be ok for you to wear. But always test if you can because the color that you see in the tube is not the same color that will blend into your skin.

Three keep this in mind: If you have a yellow undertone in your skin, stick to warm toned lipsticks, if you have darker skin (woman of color), stick to plums, deep reds, wines, and browns for a neutral look, and if you have a lighter brown beige skin tone with pink or orange undertones, stick with vibrant reds, orangy browns and nude lipstick colors, if you go too dark you are going for the goth look.

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