Daily Fashion “Glam” Tip: How Do You Do Twist Hairstyles

 Daily Fashion Glam Tip: How Do You Do Twist Hairstyles

The question is: How Do You Do Twist Hairstyles and the answer is first two strand or double strand twist your hair. Make sure you make your front part before twisting. You can use some gel, beeswax, or some other type of styling product to hold the style in place longer, but you do not have to use anything. It is best to twist the hair when wet. The waves are more defined and not as loose.

If you want an up-do, make sure all your individual twist are tight and neat and style as needed.

You can also wear the twist out, by just undoing them preferably after you tie it down overnight. And you will achieve a wavy loose twist look. “Glam It Up”!

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