Daily Fashion “Glam” Tip: Fashion Rules for Wearing White

white rules Daily Fashion Glam Tip: Fashion Rules for Wearing White

Todays Fashion Rules for Wearing White have thrown the old traditions out the door. Wearing white is no longer a hassle with unnecessary rules from a fashion police in the sky. Memorial Day and Labor Day used to be the start and stopping timeline for wearing white, due to past social classes in the south. The high society upper class could afford to stop wearing their white shoes and garments during this time, while lower class citizens could not afford this luxury. It was just another way of separating whose rich and whose poor.

Well, today all of that is out the door, and fashion is based on individual expression. But there are some basic rules you can follow:

1. Never wear white to a wedding, unless required. Give the bride some room to stand out, but its ok for you outfit to have white in it, just not head to toe white.

2. If you still do not feel comfortable wearing white in fall/winter, wear winter white, which is an off white, cream color.

3. Wear the right shoes. Before wearing black shoes with an all white ensemble, make sure your outfit has black in it.

4. If you feel comfortable in it, wear it. There is really only one rule to wearing white, and that is there isn’t any.

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