Daily Fashion “Glam” Tip: Dressing for a Slimming Effect

beyonce slim Daily Fashion Glam Tip: Dressing for a Slimming EffectSimple ways to Dressing for a Slimming Effect are more than just wearing black. A slimming body comes with dressing the right way underneath your clothing. Beyonce and other celebrities use these simple techniques.

1. Body shapers: You have to find the perfect body shaper no mater what size or shape you are. Body shapers help smooth out curves resulting in a slimmer look and better fit for your clothes.

2. Slimming Jeans: You have to wear the right pants and jeans for your shape and height. Hip huggers are not for everyone.

3. Just enough fabric: Make sure you do not wear garments that have too much fabric an layers. You want garment that contour to create shape, not stretchy latex fabrics that cling too much to the body, but fabrics and garments that helps shape the body with darts.

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