Daily Fashion “Glam” Tip: Bring Glamour Back for Fall

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We’ve got forties inspired waves, bold lips, dark full eyebrows, and cat eyes all waiting for fall.

Bring back the waves:

The beautiful classic waves are in, but do it with a twist. You want that glamour feel but you also want to add a little edge. Wear waves in the front with big shirley temple curls hanging in the back. That will give you a look that will make you shine out of the crowd.

Bring back bold lips:

Summer is over so get rid of the nude lips and put some passion in your kiss. Red, fuchsia, whatever bold rich color you can get your hands on will be the enhancement your lips need for this fall.

Bring back full thick eyebrows:

Remember in the eighties when all models had dark thick eyebrows, well stop thin penciling your eyebrows with tweezer and fill them in, because thick, but neatly trimmed eyebrows are bringing sexy back for this fall.

Bring back cat eyes:

Thick eyelashes and black lined eyes are back. Get your liquid eyeliners ready to go to work for your sultry eyes.

It’s time to “Glam It Up” for the fall 2007!

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