Daily Fashion “Glam” Tip: Beauty Tips for Redheads

lindsay lohan red hair Daily Fashion Glam Tip: Beauty Tips for RedheadsÂ

Lindsay Lohan is amongst some celebrities who may know some beauty tips for redheads. She has natural red hair and is one of the few famous celebs who does.

If you have naturally colored red hair, embrace it. Red hair is vibrant and very sexy. Whether crimson or apple red you have the natural look that many people are trying to achieve…

For starters, if your hair is some what dull, add a rinse to livin’ it up a little and give it more shine.Â

I suggest wearing your natural colored mane in a style or styles that fit your face shape and personality. If you look and feel good with textured hair wear it curly or wavy. If you have a long face wearyour tress as sleek, silky straight as you can get it.

Go to your local salon and speak to a stylist to help decide what regimen fits you and “Glam It Up”!

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