Charlie Sheen Accused Of Terrifying Own Kids

Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards recently decided to sue the former ‘Two & A Half Men’ star on allegation of sending demeaning and horrible texts to their kids. However, people close to the actor claimed that Denise herself was responsible for the whole misunderstanding, as she denied him access to their kids.

Denise is now in the process of filing a lawsuit against Charlie Sheen, claiming she was evicted by the actor from the home she got for her daughters, as a part of their separation settlement. Charlie and Denise have two children Sam and Lola aged respectively 11 and 10 years.

A copy of the suit shows that Charlie sent messages to his younger daughter, Lola, telling her that he is a rock star and genius, while his ex is a ‘p-s wart’. He even called her daughter a ‘pig whore’, and threatened to kill her and her mom.

Sources close to Denise told that the kids love their father as same as they love their mother. But they are afraid after receiving such horrendous texts and feeling uncomfortable and insecure. And, they do not want to get along with their dad.sheen15f 1 web 300x243 Charlie Sheen Accused Of Terrifying Own Kids

Not everyone is against Charlie Sheen. Some of his friends told that if the 50 year old actor was allowed to see her daughters on a regular basis, this kind of untoward situation could have been avoided in the first place. They also added that the actor was triggered as Denise was using the girls’ phone to communicate with Charlie. He usually calls them every day.

However, a friend of Denise’s refuted this claim telling, no one has to be a rocket scientist to realize that Charlie was actually ‘talking’ to her daughters through text. Denise has all the relevant screenshots proving the whole incident that took place. Denise had no other choices but to leave Charlie since he was submerged in a dark world of hookers and crack; it is not possible for any mother to continue living with such a person, especially when she has to think about the wellbeing of two little kids.

Everything was in order till Charlie kept writing those big checks for his daughters. The whole situation deteriorated as he is now struggling to maintain the previous status since he is not working nowadays. Nevertheless, during his golden days Charlie Sheen was one of the most generous celebrities in Hollywood.

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