Top 3 Celebrities with the Worst Weave!

The top 3 worst weave celebrities are as followed (and yes, in this order):

Britneys Bad Weave Top 3 Celebrities with the Worst Weave!

Brittany Spears- I wonder what happened to her hair. She must have fallen asleep on the plane or in the car or something. It amazes me how her hair is nice in the front then you get smacked in the face with the train wreck on the side. Did she NOT feel that? Did the people in her camp NOT see that? I mean whats really going on? I listed her first because, her hair is ALWAYS a mess.

BetseyJohnson Weave 300x270 Top 3 Celebrities with the Worst Weave!

Next up is the infamous Betsey Johnson: As much as we love her line, we all hate her hair. The choppy infusions just don’t cut it for me. She can get away with it when it’s blonde and even then she is barely getting a pass but, all these crazy colors make me want to stamp her with a big fat FASHION FAIL! Sigh… Love You Lotz BJ. 

Last is Amy Winehouse- Her weave is always a mess but, she is the only one out the three whose terrible hairstyle has become popular (think Sasha Fierce). The hairstyle isn’t bad it’s just the way she seems to like NEVER comb it. It just looks dirty and unkept. Ugh!

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