Celebrities without the Weave…

It’s rare that we see ladies without their hair weave these days. I’m assuming they feel exactly like me when it comes to my hair. I love not wearing it because, my head feels so light without it but, you’d  never catch me outside without it. I also wonder what people loo like without their weave. If you have too then here are a few.

CelebritiesRealHairKimKardashian Celebrities without the Weave...

Kim Kardashian- 

I always thought all that weave was actually her hair until I saw Khloe getting a sew-in at the beauty salon… After that I saw Kim Kardashian shopping rockin a small bun in the back. No way all her hair could’ve fit in such a small twist bun. But, hey- what was I thinking? Everything else is fake so, why would her hair be any different?!

CelebritiesRealHairBeyonce  Celebrities without the Weave...


I think Beyonce’ is a cutie either way but, her weave is the best way to go. She looks amazing with it.


I don’t know if this is her real hair or not but, I believe it is. She is another one who looks amazing either way… Well, not too short because, that short wig she rocked for 3o days last month was NOT the answer.


I don’t have many words for this. RE-APPLY THE WEAVE. Enough said.


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