Celebrities Rocking the Bob Hairstyle!

Celebrity Bob Hairstyles Lady Gaga Celebrities Rocking the Bob Hairstyle!Lady Gaga- She knocked it way out the park with her hairstyle. I love it… On her!

The bob is something that will NEVER go our of style. NEVER! It’s so versatile and I’m so in love with it. I’ve never had one but, I’m def going for it soon! Anyway, what makes a BOB a BOB? People had a thousand different answers. I alwys thought as long as its shorter in the back than the front and has peaks at the front end.. It was a Bob. Lady Gaga and other proved that wasn’t the case. As I said, this is a very versatile hairstyle. You make it what you want.

These ladies sure did: 

Celebrity Bob Hairstyles Elise Neal The Glamourous Life Celebrities Rocking the Bob Hairstyle!Elise Neal

Gwyneth Paltrow

Hayden Panettiere

Nicki Minaj- In the more urban areas she made this hairstyle popular. Although, she ALWAYS rocks this hairstyle and looks super D O P E- This is by far the best Ive seen it.

Paris Hilton

Teyonna Taylor- I first saw this hairstyle when she made a cameo appearance in Chris Brown’s “Holla at Me” video.  At first glance I was literally screaming WTF at the TV but, I guess its grown on me now. It’s cute on her. She should trash the snapbacks.

Victoria Beckham- She has been wearing this forever. It keeps looking better and better!

Heidi Klum

Keisha Knight Pulliam- She is so cute! I love this style on her.

Rihanna- She rocked this in so many way, some may styles, so many freakin time and each time, she looked great!

Scarlette Johansson- She is another one who drifted away from the norm with a messy mane. It works for her.

Tyra Banks

Tori Spelling

Beyonce’- I don’t know why she hasn’t gone for this look yet. If she has, I haven’t seen it. It worked out great for her in the video (Me, Myself & I)

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