Cast List for Harry Potter

cast list for harry potter Cast List for Harry Potter

The cast list for harry potter is pretty much the same with a few exceptions for The Half Blood Prince. The 6th book will sell millions again and the actors that started out as kids are pretty much grown and can only make maybe one more film ie a Book 7 movie. Here is the casting list for The Half Blood Prince…

Daniel Radcliffe    …     Harry Potter
Emma Watson    …     Hermione Granger
Rupert Grint    …     Ron Weasley
Michael Gambon    …     Albus Dumbledore
Alan Rickman    …     Severus Snape
Helena Bonham Carter    …     Bellatrix Lestrange
Jim Broadbent    …     Horace Slughorn
Robbie Coltrane    …     Rubeus Hagrid
Timothy Spall    …     Peter Pettigrew
David Thewlis    …     Remus Lupin
Maggie Smith    …     Minerva McGonagall
Julie Walters    …     Molly Weasley
Mark Williams    …     Arthur Weasley
Tom Felton    …     Draco Malfoy
Evanna Lynch    …     Luna Lovegood

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