Cassie Has a MoHawk Now-

cassie wiz khalifah mo hawk Cassie Has a MoHawk Now

Cassie is the main girl in Wiz Khalifa’s new video. She premieres a brand new style (for her)… Now, she has shaved both sides of her head. There is something different going on from every angle. I love the way the back looks. The long ponytail makes me smile. The head on shot is pretty cool too. It doesn’t look that bad but, it doesn’t look that good either. The side shot is what just makes me want to scream. I hate it. It looks like she’s completely bald with a weave sitting on top of her head. It’s frizzy, crooked and ugly. SMG- I’m sure she’ll do something amazing to fix this and have the style looking good in no time.   

cassie mohawk Cassie Has a MoHawk Now

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