Buzz Haircuts for Women

Grace Jones Bald Head Buzz Cut Buzz Haircuts for WomenGrace Jones

I always though she was a man until recently. I did my research and discovered that this women is BAAADDDDD in a good way. Totally a trend setter. Lady Gaga WHO?!

So, anyway, all the ladies in this post proved to women all over the world that buzzed haircuts for women can be beautiful. Each of these women are wearing the  fashionable buzzed look as nothing more than a fashion statement and I absolutely love it. It’s a very daring look and everybody can NOT do it so, please ask a trusty side kick if you’re debating this look.

Amber Rose buzz cut Buzz Haircuts for Women

Amber Rose

 She made this popular among a lot of younger females. She was the ish not too long ago. Unlike others, this is the only look that fits Amber Rose. Have you guys seen her with hair? Ugh!


Natalie Portman

Erykah Badu

 This is the best look for her. I love this!

Chrisette Michele

 She cut her hair to embrace her natural beauty. Work it Girl!

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