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Found this information for Beyonce’s Workout Schedule and it seems she is really serious about staying in shape and sticking to her daily regimen. I read her workout consist of crunches, bicycling, cardio, jogging and yoga.

Beyonce really works out hard, everyday of the week, excluding Sunday she jogs for 4 miles for 40 minutes and switches the incline on the treadmill every 30 seconds up and down. Thats after the warm up, and after the treadmill run she does a 20 minute dumbell session. And to stay sane, calm, and flexible, she does yoga one day a week. Very discipline woman.

This is what was listed as Beyonce’s daily workout secret. In one minute intervals, do the following steps in this order:

1) Basic Crunches

2) Bicycle Crunches:
Lie on floor with your legs extended at a 45-degree angle, bring your bent left knee toward chest, while reaching right elbow toward it, and alternate right and left knees.

3) Rest

4) Left Twists:
Lie on your back, bend your knees, and put your hands behind your head with your elbows out. Begining with feet on floor, curl up and aim right shoulder at left knee.

5) Right Twists

6) Rest

7) Planks:
While lying facedown, support your weight on your toes and forearms and keep elbows directly beneath the shoulders with your body straight.

8) Rest

9) Planks

10) Rest

11) Captain’s Chair
3 sets of 20 at a gym: Grip handholds and press lower back into pad, while letting your legs hang. Lift slowly your bent knees to your chest.

12) Captain’s Chair Again

Wow, if this is her real schedule than I commend beyonce for staying in shape the hard way, but the natural way. With all her money she could have all the plastic surgery she wants.

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