Beyonce Performing Get Me Bodied at 2007 BET Awards

beyonce bet awards performance 071 Beyonce Performing Get Me Bodied at 2007 BET Awards

Here is beyonce performing “Get Me Bodied” at 2007 BET awards and she was intense as usual. She always puts on a great performance and this time was not an exception. Beyonce put her foot in it. Kelly Rowland joined her on the stage also. It was nice seeing them together again. Monique got her a little spot in the act as we know she has been dying to perform with Beyonce.  So bad that she had to make her own Beyonce performance at the previous BET awards.

Well, Beyonce out shined herself again. And I mean that figuratively and literally with her extra sparkling ensemble both on and off the stage. Beyonce needs to leave the sparkle and glitter garments alone. Too much! Performing in it is ok, but she takes the terms “Glitz and Glam” too far off stage.

But, 5 stars on the performance Beyonce!

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