Beyonce’ Hairstyle Gallery

Queen of R & B, Beyonce is always out with a different look. She is another one who can wear any style. Well, almost any style because, those braids were always a hot mess. Anyway, I’ve made a mini gallery for you guys to check out. What style fits her best?

Beyonce Big Curly Hair Beyonce’ Hairstyle Gallery

I didn’t particularly like this style on Beyonce’… It just seemed like she had way too much going on.

Beyonce Straight Bangs Beyonce’ Hairstyle Gallery

I don’t like the bang either…

This was just hideous! Beyonce’ has def come a long way.

Despite Beyonce’ wearing golden blonde hair all the time.. I really dig the darker tresses on her. It somehow bring out her features to me. Beautiful.

On the fence about the ponytail. She looks pretty but, this isn’t my favorite style on her.

All these styles look really cute on Beyonce’.

I absolutely love this look on Beyonce’ (Sasha Fierce) and from the looks of the things- EVERYBODY else did too.

This style is bland but, it’s okay.

All these styles are supposed to be Beyonce’ real hair… NOT! Only the last two are her real hair.

Again, nothing amazing.

I like this look on Beyonce’… She’s a real cutie pa-tootie.

Now, Beyonce’ is always wearing the big curls, swept bangs and sultry waves but, surprisingly, I couldn’t find any multiples. I don’t know what’s going on with that. Ugh!

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