Beyonce’ and Her Blonde Hair

Beyonce’ wore the same hairstyle to both the Pre-Grammy Party as well as the Grammy Award; however, they looked totally different. She looked stunning at the pre-party. As you can see she dyed her hair super blonde and it looks great. The curls are perfect and the hair looks of great quality. I love the highlights.

beyonce blonde hair 53rd grammys Beyonce’ and Her Blonde Hair

Now, for the actual event- I must shake my head at Beyonce’ too. Hot mess from head to toe. I don’t know if the events were in the same night but, if so, she must’ve partied hard because, her hair is a mess. The curls are half in and half out, half curly half straight. At least we know she had a good time and partied hard because, she sweated those out.

Beyonce Grammy Awards 53rd blonde hair Beyonce’ and Her Blonde Hair

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