Best Nail Color for African American Skin

We’ve all been there, sitting at the salon trying to pick that perfect nail color. Truth is, some nail colors  look better on different skin tones. I find I always pick the wrong color as I just simply can never decide! The smallest change in one’s skin tone can make even the most beautiful nail polish look… blah. There are many reasons that will influence your nail color choice such as season, outfits and trends. African American skin tones do very well with brown and pale colors. Here are some colors to try for your next manicure:

This is the perfect go to color when in doubt. (I find myself having nude nails all the time!) This is such a rich look with darker skin as your nails will look longer and really accentuate your skin tone. OPI Bubble Bath $9
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Burgundy Polish
Although your skin has a darker tone, don’t shy away from darker colors on your nails. Depending on your skin shade, don’t go overly dark if your skin is. Try to find the balance with the burgundy as you don’t want the color to disappear. MAC’s ‘Vintage Vamp’ Nail Lacquer $13
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Dark Blue
This is a great color to put onto your toes and finger nails while going on vacay or just to spice up the winter. If you’re bored with the usual colors, try going for a dark blue and notice that your skin tone will look extra fresh.  JINsoon Blue Iris $18









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