Aubrey “Drake” Graham Ethnicity

drake Aubrey Drake Graham Ethnicity

A question that we tend to get here at The Glamourous Life is, “What is Drake’s Ethnicity?” Well, I have an answer for you!

The Canadian actor turned rapper is half Jewish Canadian, and half African American. His mother, Sandi Graham, is of Jewish decent, works as a teacher and raised Aubrey “Drake” Graham in Toronto, Ontario. His father, Dennis Graham, is an African American who lives in Memphis, Tennessee. It seems as though Drake got his musicality from his dad, who is a drummer that has worked with the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis.

Drake’s childhood was heavily influenced by his Jewish background. He went to a Jewish elementary school and even celebrated his coming of age with a Bar Mitzvah. However, most of his summers were spent down south in Memphis with his dad.

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