Are Logos The New Revolution In Fashion?

It is not like that designer logos are something new in fashion. Sometimes their prominence faces an upward trend and sometimes it is downward; however it has become an indispensable pillar of branding. The main purpose of it is to announce to public: ‘hey, it’s our product, and it’s ours only!’ In the recent years an augmented use of them is visible in labels.

Kenzo sweatshirt street style 300x300 Are Logos The New Revolution In Fashion?

Just remember the time when Esprit sweatshirt of the 80’s and Benetton rugby left the field for latest logo made streetwear. The transition to the next one took place in the 90’s, and the rapid surge in this trend continued till the year 2000, when it reached its pick. At that time Louise Vuitton Murakami was the market changer, thanks to its exceptionally coveted and colorful designs that pumped the market with its authentic product line. It would be unfair not to mention others, like Gs and Cs of Gucci along with signature Coach accessories for kids. These were the must to have items during that time. Moreover, there were other minor players in the market. The end result was a market with a reflection of logos and logos everywhere you see.

The trend experienced its first fallout with visible signs of economic recession which sounded its inevitable departure. In its place there came a trend for label less pieces. Simpler and refined clothing substituted people’s wardrobe. However, recently there is adequate notion that it is becoming the days of logos, once again. For example, the current enthusiasm for sportswear inevitably moves toward a ‘logos allowed’ arena. The most apparent example of that is a return to the one and only Tommy Hilfiger. The prominent American brand belled its intention clear with the launch of clothing exhibiting their trademark red, white and blue. Without any doubt they have enforced almost every resource available to them. The inclusion of Suki Waterhouse and Gigi Hadid proves it the best. See it for yourself.

Gigi Hadid Tommy Hilfiger 300x300 Are Logos The New Revolution In Fashion?



Calvin Klein is not that far behind to get itself into the business as well. Their CK branded undergarments stormed social media platforms, landing on Chiara Ferragni and Kendall Jennar’s shoulder. This trendiness enabled them to establish a brand image out of something traditional only.

But they are not the only players in the field. Brands like Riccardo Tisci did not hesitate to play with endless patterns and ideas for their own version of the new logo revolution. Based on that it would not be wrong to assume that more and more designers would adopt the trend for the brands they are involved with.

What the newest logo craze has to offer for shoppers in upcoming days is not yet predictable; nonetheless, one more time it has been proved that no fashion trend dies, it, perhaps, just weakens for a period.


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