African-American Hair Myth-Busters

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There’s something about African-American hair that fascinates those with non-textured hair. People always seem to want to touch it, and learn more about it. The mystique and lack of education on African-American hair caused many myths to have been passed down from generation to generation. It’s time to separate fact from fiction, here is a list of the top five myths.

Black Hair Grows the Slowest

Everybody’s hair grows at about half an inch every month. Black hair may appear to grow slower because of its tight curl pattern, which would make anyone’s hair look shorter. Also, the tighter the curl, the drier the hair tends to be. Dry hair puts you at an increased risk for hair breakage, and hair breakage negates the effect of hair growth.

Natural Hair is Un-Manageable

Natural hair is not harder to manage than relaxed hair. Natural hair may seem hard to manage for those who have only known how to manage relaxed hair. If you try to care for your natural hair like you did for your relaxed hair, then you will soon be frustrated and ready to relax your hair again. Natural hair simply requires some patience and a re-learning of how to care for your hair.

Trimming Ends Will Increase Hair Growth

Since hair grows from your scalp, trimming your ends will not cause your hair to grow. Your hair will grow about half an inch per month regardless of how much you trim the ends. Trimming your ends will only make your hair shorter, but it can give the appearance of fuller looking hair if you have some straggling ends.

Black Hair Needs Grease

Black hair needs moisture, but not grease. Grease is not the same as moisture. Grease contains mineral oils and petroleum, which does not penetrate and moisturize your hair, but instead it seals moisture in your hair and can cause product build-up. When product builds up on your scalp, it can clog your hair follicles and stunt your hair growth.

The best hair moisturizers that you can use are natural hair oils and butters, including: virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, etc.

Braids Make Your Hair Grow

Braids do not make your hair grow any longer than the allotted half an inch of growth per month. However, braids do have the benefit of offering protection against the environment and heat styling, which can reduce hair breakage.

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