Afraid of Scissors? Three Reasons to Go Short

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Are you bored with your hair and thinking of taking the plunge and going short? Maybe you’re second-guessing yourself and worried about how it will affect your daily routine or budget. Short hair often gets a bad rap from those who believe that it takes away from one’s femininity and even communicates a lack of self-care. You shouldn’t pay heed to these assumptions.  If you’ve considered it but are still on the fence, here are some good reasons to cut loose and start the new year with a  fresh look.

Save time and money

Longer hair may not only take hours to groom, but may also be more prone to tangles, knots and split ends. After all, the more hair you have, the higher the chances of improper conditioning or moisturizing, leaving some of your hair under-nourished.  With shorter hair, you’re less likely to miss any spots, which could result in a healthier mane overall.  The maintenance that once took you hours will be cut and you’ll regain some valuable time.

Less maintenance means using fewer products and therefore, less money.  Some salons charge extra to trim and style longer hair so going short will push you ahead of the game with more money in your pocket.

Boost your confidence

Have you ever noticed a sister with a fresh cut walk down the street? Notice how she carried herself and wondered how she mustered the courage to sport such a bold look? Short hair automatically makes you more confident. With short hair, you stand out in a crowd; you showcase your features and communicate ambition, creativity and wit. And in warmer weather your face and neck stay cool while your long-haired sisters look busted by the time they reach the office. A sleek and elegant look can do wonders for your overall confidence and outlook on life.

Stay safe

Doesn’t long, wavy hair look flawless as it shimmers and cascades down a model’s back or sways to a music video? Not so much in real life. Longer hair will eventually get caught in a car door, earrings and other jewelry. And if you work in a service job, extra precautions are always needed to ensure your safety and prevent accidents.

Shorter hair frees you up to do simple things: opening doors, carrying a coffee mug or taking off your purse without getting tangled up.

If you’re athletic, getting ready for a jog or the ski slopes means bunning, wrapping or braiding beforehand to keep your hair out of the way while shorter hair requires nothing but a quick run of the fingers.

What are your hair plans for 2013?

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