8 Essential Beauty Hacks That Every Woman Should Know

These easy to follow 8 beauty hacks could be what you have been missing. You may implement them by using the items available at your reach. If you have been searching for something simpler and better, this is what you need in the first place. There are millions of methods to improve the way you look, but these 8 tips will see your beauty regime improve to a whole new level.

The beauty specialists at The Glamorous Life sat together to present their subscribers with something new and special for this New Year. They cover almost everything, starting from hair to makeup. Now it should not take you so long to get ready to attend an event, thinking you have not had enough time for the right preparation. We put together our professionalism and talents only for you….


1 200x300 8 Essential Beauty Hacks That Every Woman Should Know

  • It is worthy to invest in silky pillowcases for your beloved hair. It might seem too much, but, cotton pillowcases can have some adverse effects like breakage and frizz on your hair; get rid of such issues by going silk.







  • 2 200x300 8 Essential Beauty Hacks That Every Woman Should KnowBacteria are very harmful for your skin and can make you suffer. Wash your makeup brushes at least twice a week. The next thing you know, you will find your skin more rejuvenated.







  • 3Are you short of cash to buy a new lip shade? With a little bit creativity you can make one, sitting in the comfort of your home. Take some beeroots, rose petals, and blackberries and mix them with your lip balm to get an amazing shade.







  • 8 Essential Beauty Hacks That Every Woman Should Know We all dream of baby soft skin for our feet. Put a good moisturizer on your feet and get to bed wearing a nice pair of socks; feel the difference from the very next day.







  • 5Baby powder is a common item that you can make use of to accentuate eyelashes. Use the powder before wearing mascara to get extended lashes in no time.







  • 6This might be a common one for you, however, you should always remember to comb your hair while the conditioner is still in effect, that means when your scalp is wet. This is a lifesaver, especially, when you have knotty, difficult to manage hair.







  • 7Many of us find it hard to make manicure last for a long-time. Simply, you can use some distilled vinegar before you sit for nail polish. It may sound strange at first but, believe it or not, it keeps color intact for long hours.







  • 10Extreme hot or extreme cold waters could damage your hair. Hair experts rather suggest using tepid water.


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