5 Sexy Short Hairstyles for Women

Have you ever wanted to rock one of those short hairstyles for women? Don’t be afraid of going short! Chopping off your locks and going with a short sexy ‘do is a great way to feel rejuvenated and turn a new leaf. If you need some help picking out a new look, find some inspiration from the sexy short hairstyles below!

short hairstyle 1 5 Sexy Short Hairstyles for Women

This hairstyle is perfect for the naturally curly ladies out there! Cut hair closer to the scalp on the sides and allow the curls to grow longer on top. Use a bit of gel or curl-enhancing product to de-frizz and create this fun and funky look.

short hairstyle 2 5 Sexy Short Hairstyles for Women

Actress Meagan Good sported this sexy short hairstyle in 2011. She gelled down the left side of her head and curled the right side for this stylish asymmetrical look. If you want this look to be more permanent, you can cut your hair close to the scalp on one side and leave the other side longer.

sexy short hairstyle

This hairstyle is for woman who want to feel confident and empowered. Cutting your hair this short definitely takes a lot of courage, but the result is always a sexy and strong look.

sexy short hairstyle

Singer Monica sported this funky ‘do back in 2009. It’s fun and flirty and shows you’re ready for a good time. To create this look, cut lots of layers in the front and up top and cut your hair shorter on the sides and in the back. Use gel to spike your hair and give you the perfectly tousled look.

sexy short hairstyle

Rihanna donned this sexy short hairstyle back in 2008. The asymmetrical style can be created with an all-around short cut and long side bangs.

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