5 Pro Tips From Makeup Artists

We always wonder how makeup artists accomplish those seemingly impossible tasks. And no matter how harder we try, we just can’t get that magical look. The days of worries are over; here goes some marvelous tips and tricks that you can make use of to look great.


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  1. Use a moisturizer to build a radiant base
    Choosing the right moisturizer is very important for your skin. A good moisturizer hydrates your skin and makes it glow.

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  1. Use an eye drop to clear redness
    The components of a standard eye drop are effective in constricting the blood vessels. So, applying an eye drop will gradually rid you of those unwanted redness. The same principle is true in the case of redness of the face or pimples. Take a cotton swab and make it wet with a prescribed eye drop and apply it to the affected area. The redness will be cleared in no time.


  1. Apply apricot or peach toned primers for a brighter skin
    No one loves tired or dry skin. You may consider using apricot or peach based primer for your skin. This is very effective for skins with darker complexion. The primer will help to balance hyper-pigmentation.


  1. Use powder between primer and foundation
    We often find it quite difficult to make our makeup last for a long-time. You can, however, easily get rid of this trouble by setting your primer with a quality powder; and then work on the foundation. While powdering your skin, make sure you don’t put too much. Otherwise the foundation may look cakey.

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  1. Apply a BeautyBlender
    In any makeup artist’s kit BeautyBlender is a necessary. Using such a sponge will allow you to get access to every contour of your skin. It needs to be damp while applying on face. Also, ensure that you are not wearing heavy makeup. BeautyBlenders come in different sizes and shades.


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