5 Celebrity Black Short Hairstyles

What’s great about having black short hairstyles is that they are low maintenance, which means more time for you to get ready ready in the morning! Short hairstyles for black women are also really popular with celebs. Plus, having a fuss-free hairstyle is not only quick and simple to style, there are tons of options for you to choose from. From short curls to the very popular bob, there’s a short black hairstyle for every taste!

Have you ever wanted to be just like your favorite celeb and walk the red carpet in an amazing hairdo and showing off your elegant designer dress? OK, well that might not be so easy, but an unforgettable hairstyle is within your reach! Let’s take a look at these 5 hot celebrity hairstyles.

Top 5 Celebrity Black Short Hairstyles

Browse your local grocery store checkout line and you’re likely to come across several celebrity magazines that showcase the latest fashion hits and misses. You can get an idea of the hottest new trends by flipping through these magazines, and it’s a great way to come up with inspiration for a new hairdo.

When you’re looking for a celebrity with a great cut that you love, one important thing to remember is to choose those who have a similar facial shape to yours. This way, you can be sure that the cut you get will fit you properly.

Now, on to the celebs!

1. Michelle Obama

michelle obama short hair 5 Celebrity Black Short Hairstyles

Everyone loves the ever-changing looks of the First Lady, and her hairdo’s are no exception! Michelle has lovely straight hair that she usually wears in an easy side-part style.

2. Halle Berry

halle berry short hair 1024x768 5 Celebrity Black Short Hairstyles

The classic look of Halle Berry is always a pleasant site to see. Her short black hair is not only beautiful but stylish as well. No matter where we see Halle, whether it’s a red carpet premier or on the streets, she is constantly gorgeous.

3. Fantasia


If you love super short hair, check out singer Fantasia’s low locks! Lots of mousse is required for hair this short. Fantasia really shows off that short hairstyles for black women are becoming more mainstream.

4. Kelly Roland


Kelly has had lots of different hair lengths over the years, and we remember her best way back at the beginning with this short style.

5. Rihanna


Finally, we reach the Rihanna, a girl of many looks and styles. She knows how to rock her short hair and it’s always on point! We’ve seen RiRi styled with everything from a ultra-short bob to a pixie cut and she looks fabulous every time.

Which is your favorite celebrity short black hairstyle? Leave a comment below!

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