12 Useful Tips To Maintain Great Hair (Part – 2)

Here we start from where we ended. This post is more focused on maintaining a proper balance that is necessary for good hair health. For example, vitamins are indispensable for good hair health; but you can never over use it as it will create a state of imbalance. Let us see what else is there.

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  1. Take Enough Vitamins

Even when you are following an impeccable diet, it could be that some vitamins have been missing from your list. The best way to find which vitamins you need the most is noticing how healthy your nails and skin are. If your skin looks flaky and dry, you must be missing on something. You should add the right combination of vitamins, herbs, and minerals for stronger and shinier locks.

Bonus: your skin and nails will also look great.


Avoid sun caused problems 12 Useful Tips To Maintain Great Hair (Part – 2)

  1. Restrict Your Exposure To The Sun

You are already aware of how much damage can be happening to your skin when you go out without wearing a sunscreen. Apart from skin it also damages your hair. Thus, it is recommended you wear a leave-in conditioner when getting out. In addition to saving your hair from UV rays, it will protect it from saltwater and wind as well.


  1. Steer Clear Of Snarls

Before combing your strands randomly without a second thought, get yourself a few moments to think about its impact. Always use wide-toothed brush and be gentle while ripping through. Brush from bottom to top to avoid ending up with more snarls and knots.


tips to maintain great hair

  1. Trim Your Hair Regularly

When growing out of hair, don’t indulge in skipping timely trims. To get healthier and lengthy locks, you should trim and trim. Hair experts recommend having a haircut after every 6 or 8 weeks. That will prevent hair cuticle from splitting up.

  1. Use Cool Water To Wash Your Hair

Never ever use hot water; using hot water will make your hair floppy. And when it is time for the final rinse before getting out of the shower, the colder it is the better it will be. Cold water will add up to those much required nutrients for your hair, making it healthier and fairer.


  1. Never Exceed The Recommended Level

Covering your scalp with conditioner or shampoo, inches by inches, is wrong. First lay the shampoo on first few inches, where the product and oil buildup is the most intense. And when applying conditioner, start from the mid-shaft region, where the hair seems so dry.

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