The Rich and Famous: Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is an American actor and film producer. He has won various awards and accolades, including the British Academy Film Award and two Grammy Awards. He has also been nominated for nine Academy Awards, six Golden Globe Awards, and one Tony Award. Here are some facts about him. Read on to learn more about the star’s achievements and his best films. Listed below are…

The US Women's Soccer Team

Hairstyle Ideas: The US Women’s Soccer Team

Have you ever been able to notice those exotic hairstyles of the US women’s soccer team players? In addition to their mesmerizing skills with the ball, they are famous for impressive hairstyles. From easy braids to sleek ponytails, you will find everything in the starting lineup. They could be the inspiration for your next workout hairstyle. The gorgeous thing about hairstyles of the US Women’s Soccer…



Italian fashion designer Alice Saltarelli is from Tuscany, a picturesque mountainous region. There she felt a cool breeze that started from Iceland and passed through Norway before finally sweeping through Italy; like a story from one of Jules Verne’s adventure books. The new «ÌS» is Alice’s brainchild. It is a marvelous collection of top eight elegant outfits, known for their glowing and eye soothing hues….

tips for youthful glowing skin

Must To Follow Tips For Youthful Skin

It will be hard to find someone who doesn’t want glowing, beautiful, and radiant skin. Bringing some simple changes to your daily diet, like: avoiding sugar as much as possible, and taking foods that are rich in avocado, olive oil, nut oil and macadamia could be very helpful to rejuvenate your skin. These simple but effective changes in your diet, prescribed by expert nutritionists, will…

Celebrity Transformations

10 Unbelievable Celebrity Transformations

Ask them to drop 50 pounds and they will do it; ask them to add 60 pounds to their current tally, they would seem even easier to them. To portray the characters properly these actors could do anything! And they were rewarded for such intense effort. For instance, Matthew McConaughey lost 47 pounds to play his role as Ron Woodruff. No wonder he won the Oscar….

on stage

Fallen Angels: Celebrities Who Stumbled or Tripped on Stage

What could be the most remarkable day in basketball star Stefanie Dolson’s life became an embarrassing chapter of her life she would love to erase away. The netter from University of Connecticut felt the heat as she tumbled during her White House appearance. On that day, president Obama came in her rescue, helping her to get back on her feet without any delay. Stefanie can…

Entertainment Videos / March 6, 2016

Madonna Breaks Down on Stage For Rocco

For all mothers around the globe their children is their apple of the eye. Pop star Madonna is no different from them. During a recent live stage performance she burst into tears before singing a song dedicated to her son Rocco.   Source: TMZ


Taking Good Care Of Sun Burned Skin

Any random survey is sure to find two separate leagues, if asked whether they love summer or not. A group will say that they wait for this special season, and some will express their hatred for the glorious season of summer. Regardless of people’s opinions, summer is the season during which we get the opportunity to spend long, sunny days. However, with every way of…

Oscars 2016

Best Red Carpet Appearances Of Oscars 2016

The biggest surprise of Oscars 2016 came as soon as it was declared that Leonardo DiCaprio has at last made the statute his own. The online world is yet to get out of the ‘Leo’ mania. Apart from this, there were some other great things in the Oscars that are worth having a look at. Yes, the Red Carpet is what I am talking about. Here…

Elton John

Elton John To Live Stream Surprise AIDS Concert

British singer and philanthropist Sir Elton John is due to perform at a free concert to raise awareness against AIDS. The concert is scheduled to be held in LA. And John himself confirmed that he will perform the biggest hits from his latest LP ‘Wonderful Crazy Night’. You can watch the concert live online on     Apparently, Elton John wants to include the…

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