Long Angular Bob Hairstyle

Even though the long angular bob hairstyle trend has past, this hairstyle will never go out of style. The bob is a classic hair-do that works with just about any face shape and adding a long angular look, only spunks it up. I like this hairstyle because it can be worn with both formal and informal clothing, as it was shown by celebrities on the…

Daily Fashion “Glam” Tip: Black Celebrity Hairstyle Trends

2009 Black Celebrity Hairstyle Trends are short sassy haircuts. If you want to get the look of a celebrity, go short with your hairstyle, because for black women, edgy “rock star” haircuts are the in style. Rihanna started it and now everyone is going beyond a hair trim. These haircuts are hot and  makes me want to go and cut all my hair off as…

Real Anime Hairstyles

Try out these Real Anime Hairstyles that are similar to the hairstyles of the characters of Japanese animation. A real look into the anime cartoon world of style. Believe it or not these are some very trendy and fashionable hair-dos. I say they are urban edgy. You can really jazz up your style with one on these hairstyles.

Rihanna’s Age

The best way to answer your question about rihanna’s age is to give you her birthday which is February 20th 1988. The super pop star singer was birthed during the shortest month of the year and in many places the coldest. Of course that’s if you are not living in Barbados. If you can add and subtract you will no longer have to ask how…

Dakota Fanning Pics

War of the Worlds and Man on Fire bring me to some dakota fanning pics and reminds me how this once little girl is becoming a woman. Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington really helped Dakota discover the secret to her acting in front of Hollywood cameras. Until this day she still one of the youngest actors ever to get nominated for a Screen Actors Guild.

Rihanna’s Hairstyles

Hairstylist Ursula Stephen is responsible for Rihanna’s Hairstyles that has been the leading hairstyles for today’s trendy woman. Rihanna’s haircuts are edgy and sassy, yet chic at times and elegant. Ursula knows what she is doing with hair, and that’s why platinum recording artist Keyshia Cole, Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, and America’s Next Top Model Winner – Saleisha Stowers are amongst her celebrity clientele….

Kirsten Dunst in Maxim

Kirsten Dunst in maxim was one of the softer approaches to sexiness compared to how they are shooting the pics of actresses nowadays. With faster shutter speeds, better lighting and a higher pixel resolution the digital cameras capture everything. In addition to that the women are just a little less shy in front of the lenses too.

Cast List for Harry Potter

The cast list for harry potter is pretty much the same with a few exceptions for The Half Blood Prince. The 6th book will sell millions again and the actors that started out as kids are pretty much grown and can only make maybe one more film ie a Book 7 movie. Here is the casting list for The Half Blood Prince… Daniel Radcliffe    ……

Eva Longoria Expensive Red Dress

Eva Longoria has worn an expensive red dress a couple of times and these two pictures reveal the sexiness and reason she chooses to continue to find them. Nothing brings more attention to a Hollywood actress than a red dress on the red carpet especially when you throw in thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. Mrs. Tony Parker is a beautiful woman and will be…

Giselle Bundchen Picture

The giselle bundchen picture of the day is an assortment of sexy pics she took earlier in her career. This woman is extremely tall and surely commands the attention of the camera man when he is shooting on set. I have a Rebel TL digital camera and I’m sure I could take great photos of this woman as she is really easy on the eyes.

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