Rihanna Cover Girl Pic

Rihanna is back up and running with the pics and ads from cover Girl after experiencing a horrible beat down from Chris Brown the singer. Cover Girl pulled their ads of RiRi after the super-site TMZ leaked the black eye photos. Now that Chris has pled guilty to the charges and the company feel they are in the clear all engines are a go.

Ciara Pink Shoes and Daisy Duke Shorts

Ciara the rnb singer was caught out in Los Angeles house shopping in some pink shoes and some sexy daisy duke shorts. She obviously feels confident in her very tall body structure because those jean shorts are very close to booty cheek exposure. She is pulling it off though.

How Tall Is Brad Pitt

On average this fine actor weighs about 160 pounds so the next question is how tall is brad pitt. Well ladies Mr. Brangelina comes in at 5 feet and 11 inches. Along with his great looks you will be happy to know that this is the average height of a man in the United States. This Hollywood superstar just has it going on strong.

Keri Hilson Hairstyles

Short, wavy, straight and feathered all describe Keri Hilson Hairstyles over the years she has been recording music and performing for fans. This woman is very thin and tall so the haircuts she wears look very good on her. The stylist that helps her is a premier person and knows what she is doing. Normally when you see hair like this it’s styled by a…

Rihanna’s Official Website

rihanna’s official website is boring and is not put together well at all and I am extremely disappointed in the webmaster team and Def Jam Records. There is no blog on it for content updates and she doesn’t even have a Twitter follow me badge on it. Not to mention you have to go through two pages of flash templates just to enter the website….

Healthy Weight for My Age

One question that has many different answers is what is a healthy weight for my age and height. It all depends on culture and genetics to keep it all simple. However, since it is mostly women that are concerned about their weight here is a chart for us starting out in our teens years. Hope this helps ladies! Chart: Height and Weights for Teen Girls…

Keyshia Cole’s Mother Is Octomom Too

All Keyshia Cole brothers and sisters are from a different daddy and now he mom Frankie has revealed some very shocking news to the world. Keyshia Cole has eight siblings now not 7 as was told on her popular TV show. Yup, mommy has been lying for years and now it’s all hit the fan. Keyshia Cole has an octomom that use to be a…

Create Your Own Clothing Style

You can create your own clothing style if you want to stand out and be much different from the next woman who shops at Dillards or Nordstroms. If you have some skills and can operate a sewing machine you can create whatever you want people to pay attention too. Even if you don’t sew you can head down to the local college and hire a…

Kristen Stewart Pics

Interesting kristen stewart pics that show off some different hairstyles that display red color and even what appears to be black and dirty blonde. She has such interesting features and her killer green eyes easily help her in the Hollywood role castings. I wonder what kind of roles she will take on as she becomes an older woman.

Heidi Klum New Hairstyle

A layered bob describes heidi klum new hairstyle. The supermodel Heidi Klum knows how to walk that runway with any hairstyle and this new haircut just gives her a fresh look. Change is good and every once in a while a change of hairstyle is in order. I think shorter hair looks best on Heidi, it brings out her beautiful face shape and features.

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