Chris Brown Wearing Louis Vuitton Belt

Chris Brown is normally in street wear as you can see here in this picture with him wearing a pair of Air Jordan sneakers. However, if you look close he is also marrying in a Louis Vuitton belt which gives him more swagger out in those Hollywood streets. I heard your plea to the fans for help with your career Chris and I hope that…

Picture of Jay-Z Beyonce and Robin Thicke

It’s always good to see celebrity power couples like Jay-Z and Beyonce kick it with other industry singers like Robin Thicke. Here is a picture of them all just chillin’ on the scene of a party. Beyonce is wrong for that loud orange nail polish though. Not sure what that’s about but other than that she looks great as usual.

Beyonce Toned Legs and Arms

What kind of gym workout schedule does Beyonce Knowles have to keep those legs and arms toned up? Every time I see her in concert on stage she is wearing a short dress showing off that sexy body and I know it takes madd work to keep it that way. I’m sure many women would like to know what she is eating and how often….

Amber Rose Black Ballerina Dress

Amber Rose is known for wearing some pretty strange things but this time she is spotted in the eighties black ballerina dress and looking sexy as usual. Kanye West has to be proud of this one because it does not show her half naked.

Rihanna Black Shorts Long Legs

Look how long Rihanna’s legs are in this pair of black shorts she is wearing to a party. It seems like forever before your eyes hit those stylish black boots she selected to compliment those shorts. You can’t help but to notice Rihanna’s star neck and hand tattoo in all the flashing lights too. RiRi your career is so on fire right now as Chris…

Lady Gaga Fan Hairstyle

Lady Gaga has many wild hair styles but it’s this peacock fan hairstyle that is really more elegant than what her followers are use to. I almost think that she is royalty in this picture because of the way she is sitting with those white stockings and crossed legs.

Listen to Monica Mirror MP3

Many people have been watching the Reality show of this southern soul singer and that has brought her back to be relevant in the urban music community. The single “Everything” was okay in my book but this new mp3 called “Mirror” has a bit more swag to it. Listen To Monica Mirror MP3

Beyonce Perfume Heat Is in Macy’s

The wife of Jay-Z and superstar Pop/RnB singer Beyonce Knowles has a perfume called Heat and it’s selling really well. Diddy has been killing the cologne game for a minute and I guess Sean Carter’s better half got the message. People are really buying’s Beyonce’s new “Heat” perfume! Beyonce launched her new fragrance last month exclusively at Macy’s and apparently it’s been flying off the…

T.I. Akoo Clothing Line

T.I. has been expanding his bottom line in revenue for years and this time it’s with his clothing line called Akoo. Here is a picture of the rapper wearing a black Akoo t-shirt while rocking the microphone on stage at a performance. He may endure some trouble though depending on the facts. People always try to bring a good man down.  T.I. is being sued…

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