rick ross girlfriend

Rick Ross Girlfriend

Today the new Rick Ross album dropped!  You’ve probably heard all about Rick Ross girlfriends.  He was with Foxy Brown, and who can forget the feud with 50 Cent when Brooke was Rick Ross girlfriend? The man can rap, and apparently – given the sheer number of women who have been Rick Ross girlfriends – he can do much more! I almost hate to add…

eva pigford short hair

Eva Pigford Short Hair

Few models are quite as beautiful as Eva Pigford, and no one shows off short hair and short hairstyles quite like her – whether you call her Eva Pigford or Eva Marcille, this girl is all looks. After her stormy relationship with America’s Next Top Model and stormier romance with Lance Gross, it looks like she’s on to dating Allen Iverson – known for his…

Wendy Williams Man

Was Wendy Williams a Man?

Is Wendy Willams a man?  Some of these photos make you wonder. Wendy Williams, that poor girl, has already had a difficult rise to the top.  What better way to mock her achievements than by publicly asking if “Wendy Williams’ a man, baby.”  Read that in your best Austin Powers accent.  Well, some of these photos do make you wonder. I mean, is that a…

Adam Lambert the New Boy George

Guess who the new Boy George is in the brave new mad world of Pop Culture music. Yup, you got it! Adam Lambert is looking like he is straight out of the 80’s with this wardrobe setup. Not to mention he goes around kissing on dudes. Man that money must be good…LOL.

Rihanna Red Bob Haircut

Yup displayed at the Rock In Rio Madrid was Rihanna Red Bob Haircut or shaved buzz hairstyle to some. I’m not sure what RiRi is doing now with the skimpy outfits and tattoos all over her body. It seems like Chris Brown slapped the sense out of her. This wardrobe she had on is a trashy version of what Madonna was doing many years ago….

Robert Pattinson Modeling Pics

The robert pattinson modeling pics are getting hotter by the second now that it has been said that another Twilight movie is dropping called “Eclipse”. If you follow this male actor and all of his friends from the movie then you are considered to be a twicrackaddict. Even with questions on the Internet like does robert pattinson smoke cigarettes for real lingering around it won’t…

Picture of Paula Patton

What Is Paula Patton’s Ethnicity?

First off, it seems that this country can get into ridiculous discussions. That includes discussions of the possible ethnicity of Paula Patton.  It is obvious from looking at a picture of her, she is a beautiful woman.  That said, it seems a lot of people often wonder what Paula Patton’s ethnicity is. There are even those people who get into a heated discussion of what…

How Much Does 50 Cent Weigh

The title is crazy because the 50 Cent weight loss pictures have hit the Internet from every angle including mediatakeout. People are wondering what Curtis Jackson’s weight and height is now that he has lost so many pounds. The rapper has gone from having muscles and weighing 215 pounds to 160 looking thin and sickly. However, there is a reason for this all. Curtis is…

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